Meingast – the powerful story of a powerful family

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Meingast – Say Yes to Safety!

2010 Meingast celebrated the company's 125th anniversary. Not only that, but the fact that the company has been in the hands of one and the same family for more than 125 years is very special. An achievement like that requires not only hard work but also devotion, a willingness to take risks and idealism.

Glockengasse - the Beginnings 

It was probably by accident that the Upper Austrian native Jakob Meingast landed in Salzburg in the 1880s after many years on the road. That he acquired a house in Salzburg's Glockengasse and opened a small smithy there in June of 1885 was not an accident, but rather proof of Jakob's entrepreneurial spirit and courage to follow his vision. What started as a small business developed step by step into an important family business in Salzburg. The company's founder dedicated himself mainly to vehicle construction, starting with the turn of the century's luxury coach, the Landau carriage, which Meingast built as early as 1900 and delivered as far away as the Tyrol. Business was booming, work was plentiful, and the company was already employing 20 journeymen at that time. The construction of the first lorry required more change and swift action. After World War I, the founder's son was first in the province of Salzburg to successfully switch over to the production of lorry and trailer bodies. Meingast delivered the first lorry trailer licenced in Salzburg to the city's transport fleet.

Move to Röcklbrunnstraße

The years after World War II brought about a rapid rise. Driven by the economic development, an unbroken entrepreneurial spirit and his visionary plans for the future the founder's grandson, Willi Meingast, decided to move the company, building the plant at Röcklbrunnstraße. Moving the production site to new, larger halls set the course for a major expansion. In addition to building vehicles, the company began to sell trailers for passenger cars and utility vehicles and quickly established a business of selling spare parts for lorries and utility vehicles. Willi Meingast further solidified the company's standing with the development and expansion of the company, which adapted to the needs of the customer, expanded, adjusted and added new products.


Expansion and Further Development

In 1967, Meingast Winter Services was founded. Today, it is known nationally and internationally for its contributions to safety in alpine ski racing. This very innovative department owes its continued growth to the leadership of the engineer, Werner Hübler. At first, the small department successfully sold small ski lifts based on the loop system, selling over 800 of them in Austria alone. However, it quickly realised the need of the many lift operators for related equipment. The product range was expanded and today includes a wide variety of products. Increasingly stringent safety regulations and growing demand have led to a steady growth of the winter services department. Today, Meingast delivers accessories for ski runs and customised safety systems to customers all over the world. The newest department, founded in 1995, is Meingast Automotive Equipment. This small but mighty department rounds out our range of products.

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Visions for the Future

Each period has its own vision, and those who wish to take part in the future must be able to look ahead. This is equally true for personal development and for the success of a company. Meingast is always in tune with the times - for sure! We have many ways of figuring out the requirements of daily life so we can develop customised solutions for our industry that are unique, technically sound, and safe.

Thus we hope we'll be able to say:

Meingast – Say Yes to Safety at our 150th anniversary!